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At Attic Cleaning Oakland, our top priority is giving our customers the best service available in California. We’ve been tending to homes and businesses like yours around the area for years, so you can be sure that we know what we’re doing! Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we promise the swiftest, best quality service around. We will make sure your attic is spotless by the end of the day, no matter how big or old it is. In addition to professional cleaning, we offer a wide selection of personalized services and solutions. 

Local Professionals With Experience

Our experts are ready to get to work when you are! Whatever service you need, they’ll be out there fast, and it’ll be over with in no time. However, speed will never mean shoddiness where we’re concerned. We’ll be careful to get the job done right, and ensure that the we pick the most suitable fix for your specific attic’s needs.

Why Get Your Attic Insulated?

While your home may already have some insulation, what you have is probably not enough. It’s what keeps the heat and air conditioning that you’re paying for every month safely in your home,so the temperature stays regulated.It needs to be the right type and amount for your area’s weather. That’s where Attic Cleaning Oakland comes in! We can take out what’s there already and replace it. This is also necessary if you’ve got a pest problem, and after we’re done we can get your attic cleaned and decontaminated as needed. We even offer proofing for rodents as a follow up, so you can rest easy that they’re gone for good.

What Else Can We Do For you?

An additional step to reduce your energy bill is to have a radiant barrier installed, which will bounce the sun back offof your home to help keep it cooler and make your air conditioning run less. Air sealing can prevent the loss of even more heat from your home, which will also save you money.

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