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Have Mice Infested My Attic?


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Have Mice Infested My Attic?

Mice Infested My Attic | Attic Cleaning Oakland, CA

Mice are shy animals and usually scavenge for food only at night when they are less likely to be discovered. Therefore, you will probably detect the signs of their activity before you ever see their whiskered faces. Knowing what to look for will help you get these pests removed before they fully infest your property. Professional rodent proofing of your attic and the rest of your home can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Food and Nesting Material

Mice spend their nights looking for food for and for nesting material. If there is even one mouse in the house, in the morning you will more than likely find evidence of its nightly pursuits in the kitchen or in your attic. These rodents will look for grains, seeds, or flours for food, and for cardboard, plastic, paper and fabric for nesting material. Attic insulation material is one of their particular favorites, as are some of the belongings you probably keep up there, like old clothes and blankets. If you leave crumbs or uncovered trash when you go to sleep, there will be shredded cardboard and sometimes trails of grains or flour around the pantry. You may also find holes in bags and boxes. Mice love pet food so the remains of your cat or dog food are a great attraction for them. Remember, they cannot reach food that is stored in airtight containers or trash that's kept in a can with a lid.

Droppings And Foul Smell

Mice droppings look like black pieces of rice, about 1/8”- ¼” long. You will find it anywhere the mice have been including the nesting area and where they have eaten, which is usually the attic and the kitchen. Alongside these leftovers, you will likely find a stale smell of urine that usually indicates the presence of more than one mouse. Your attic insulation may also hold evidence that you have mice, as this is the type of material they often use to build themselves nests. Another way to tell whether or not there's a mouse in your house is noticing if your pets behave in an unusual way. Cats and dogs with highly developed sense of smell will recognize the scent earlier than humans and will become irritable and sometimes anxious.

Leftover Gnaw Marks

Mice leave physical evidence or their activities all over your attic and even throughout the rest of your house. Their teeth grow continuously so they chew and gnaw at anything they can, including wood, plastic, viny and of course cardboard and paper. It can be dangerous if they chew electrical and computer wires, which can lead to short circuit and possible fire hazards. If you suspect your property has become infested, call our team at Attic Cleaning Oakland. Our professional rodent removal services will help you eliminate the problem safely and in a humane way.


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