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Rodent Proofing and Insulation Removal | Attic Cleaning Oakland, CA

Rodent Proofing

Customer Issue: Rodent Infestation.
Our Solution: First we had to identify and seal all the entry points in order to keep the pests out, and then we moved on to removing rodent droppings and damaged insulation. Last, but not the least, we decontaminated the attic and replaced the insulation.

Peter Reed - Oakland
Attic Insulation Removal Project | Attic Cleaning Oakland, CA

Attic Insulation Removal

Customer Issue: Moldy Insulation.
Our Solution: We removed the insulation taking care not to spread mold spores and then vacuumed all the debris and dirt. We advised the customer to fix the ventilation problem before installing new insulation, to avoid having the same problem again.

Danny Butler - Piedmond
Spray Foam Insulation | Attic Cleaning Oakland, CA

Spray Foam Insulation

Customer Issue: High Heating Costs.
Our Solution: We used spray foam insulation which acts both as an air barrier and a thermal barrier. Not only did this insulation reduce energy costs, but it also dampened the outside noise as an added bonus.

Peter Mandy - Oakland
Attic Insulation Removal | Attic Cleaning Oakland, CA

Attic Insulation Removal

Customer Issue: Mold and Mildew.
Our Solution: We removed the old, moldy insulation by hand, and then vacuumed the remaining debris and dirt. We left the attic ready to be reinsulated once the ventilation issues are solved, and completed the insulation a week later.

Jenny Brown - Berkeley
Rodent Proofing | Attic Cleaning Oakland, CA

Rodent Proofing

Customer Issue: Rodent Infestation.
Our Solution: We thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated the attic, inspected the insulation and replaced the damaged parts. Then we identified and sealed up all rodent entry points to keep those pests out for good!

Patrick Mitchell - Oakland

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